JUNE 2009

EBU Pay to Play Scheme

I am writing to inform all Members and Players at Totteridge Bridge Club that we shall not be re-affiliating with the EBU when the above scheme comes into effect next year in April 2010.

The Survey we had recently showed the following results:

1. To halt the implementation of the Pay to Play proposals 21
2. Support the Pay to Play proposals   7
3. Have no strong views on the matter   6

Since that time I have received the EBU's documentation on the scheme and they are going ahead with Pay to Play despite great opposition from many Clubs in England.

What it will mean to us as a Club is as flollows:

1. We will not be issueing Master points, but I propose to increase the Prize Money by the amount we would have spent on Master points which is approx. £5-00 with a field of 10-tables.

2. We will not qualify to take part in HBA events, but hardly any of our qualifiers go on to play in County Final or lesser Events anyway.

3. Non-members of the EBU will not receive the bi-monthly English Bridge magazine or the EBU diary.

4. We will still hold BGB or Worldwide Simultaneous Pairs events, probably four each year as we do at present. The EBU events would be barred from us, but we normally hold only one each year anyway.

5. I propose to have a Club Championship Pairs Event taking place over 2-sessions and also a one session Men and Ladies Pairs Event for which only Totteridge members would be eligible.

Those who wish to join the EBU may do so by Direct application as they do at present or play at Clubs which have Pay to Play and consequently become members of the EBU that way.

I hope that Members and Players at Totteridge will continue to support us as they do at present and that we shall remain a successful small Club.