After 29-years as Manager of Totteridge Bridge Club, I am finally deciding to retire and managing the Club will be taken over by Barbara Cohen and Gary Conrad whom most of you have already met. They will start on 14 January 2014.

I wish them every success.

Barbara runs the Supervised Bridge Section at the Ace of Clubs and Gary is the Hertfordshire Tournament Director. I feel confident that they will increase the numbers presently attending and that the Club will be a success under their management. I understand that they intend to re-affiliate Totteridge to the EBU and hence expand the Events that will be available and Master Points issued.

Now, back to our usual year end news.

We have had a chap named Suren Velayutham join us over a year ago and since then he has won nearly everything available with different partners.

The Alfredo Campoli Competition was won by Suren and Anojan .

The Suzanne Whitehead Competition was also won by Suren and Anojan.

Each of these competitions are held over 3-rounds as has been the case for over 20-years and the trophies are well worn and not worth the cost of engraving. Hence they will get a Cash Prize as will the Winners of all our Competitions.

The Championship Pairs held over 2-rounds was won, you guessed it, by Suren and Uriah Jacobson.

The Men's Ladder was won by Suren.

The Ladies Ladder was won by Kiku Lester.

We started to run a 3-Way Pairs Competition this year in which an extra £1-00 was added to the table money and there were nice first prizes for Top Ladies, Top Men and Top Mixed Pairs.

Eric Bates, who has been playing at Totteridge for nearly all the time we have been here, is now in a Care Home and will probably not be playing Bridge any more.

I would like to thank all the players who came to us over the years and gave us their support.

Particular thanks to my wife Constance for looking after the Kitchen (most popular Room), John Kitson and Angela Kitson for always being early to help Setting Up, Bryan Osland and Geoff Jones for providing much of the muscle-power, Vivian Stewart and Angela for doing the collections and all of you who helped to make Totteridge a successful Club.

I intend to present the Prizes on 10 Dec. as our Party evening on 17 Dec. will probably be very busy one.

Season's Greetings and hope that You All continue to enjoy Totteridge Bridge Club.

Ernie & Constance

10 Dec. 2013